How to darken a finish?

Tim asked 9 years ago

I just built some oak pieces and put a clear poly finish on them, now the client wants them a little darker. How can I achieve this without stripping the poly finish?

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Two ideas;

1- You can make a toner by adding tint to some poly and spraying it on. This works to a point as the poly can't hold much tint but it can change the color of finished wood.

2- Apply a coat of gel stain then a coat or 2 of poly. This has the best chance of darkening the oak but is somewhat difficult.

I would try a toner first on a single piece to see if it will get the color your customer wants. To get the toner have a quart of the same poly used slowly tinted and your favorite paint store. Make sure to have a piece of finishes wood to apply samples for experimenting at the store.