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Eric asked 10 years ago

I am a brand new painting company owner. I need to learn the inside of the business after being labor for so long. How do I go about bidding on a job with no references? Also, I have worked in construction for a few years and want to implement that expertise into the Company . Is this a good idea and if so how do I go about doing that?

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MagicDave answered.

Experience is the Best Teacher… References are always nice to have BUT are really not usually required to get a job that you bid on… Yes use your prior experiences in the construction area to help you here, but really you just have to simply go out there and get the Experience… start by bidding a little LESS to get that experience…

Now about bidding… always use this method: figure out how many one-man days it will take to complete a job, then multiply that by how much you want to charge per day for one man (this is where you might keep your cost LOW), then add the cost of all materials and paint plus a little for overhead (say 5%) and there you have it! Good Luck!