How to prepare oil based primer for fresh drywall.

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Carol Lombardo asked 10 years ago

We have oil based painted kitchen area and want to put new drywall skip onto it. Some say sand off until shinny is gone, some say tsp only – it etches enough, and some say sand lightly and prime then texture and prime again.

Please help me. I need it.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

I am unfamiliar with the term "drywall skip." Based on the remainder of your question I will surmise your are asking about using sheetrock mud as a texture. if this is the case, I would recommend you take all possible precautions. Reasoning is due to the difficulties of repairing any texture which does not adhere.

With that thought, I would suggest washing with a strong solution of TSP, or sanding enough to remove the shine. Follow this with a "barrier" type primer. The primer must perform all the adhesion for the texture as the mud will not adhere to a slick and finished surface.

Again, I will always recommend a primer over sheetrock mud. With out the primer, you will have noticeable differences in sheen levels for the finish job.