How to price a bid?

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John O asked 10 years ago

I have a Graco Paint Station, How much do I charge someone to use it to paint a basketball gym? And what kind of price would I charge to paint the gym myself with the Paint Station?

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Anonymous answered.

Charging for the use of the sprayer is a rental situation. Find out the going rate to rent a paint sprayer and charge accordingly.

What you charge for this job depends on many things; I take the going square footage rate, linear square foot rate, Price per Door, etc, and the Man Hours and Days I think I can complete it in. How much time do I have to finish the job and how much man power I need to complete the job. Then add Materials and Overhead. I take the Square Footage price and weigh it with how much time do I think it will take me to complete the job. Knowing what you can do can only come with experience, painting and being in multiple job situations from simply painting a bedroom to painting 23 foot foyers or what not.