How well do I need to clean dark areas on a new, but aged 4 months, T-111 siding on an exterior shed before painting?

Jeff asked 5 years ago

I have a new shed that I built about 4 months ago and I used exterior T-111 for the siding. I did not paint the T-111 right away like I should have. I now have the time to prime and paint it as needed but I noticed the sides are darker from the ground up a couple feet, where the water has hit the ground and likely splashed up dirt and water on the T-111. One end of the building is also darkened from the ground to the peak and I believe that is because most of the rains seem to blow in from that direction (North side).

I tried to rub down the darkened areas with soapy water and a towel but I don’t seem to be removing much of anything. If this is dirt it seems to be settled in pretty good. My question is “should I pressure wash or somehow get these dark areas lightened up or can I simply use some type of good primer to go right over the darkened areas?.

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