I can still see the patches.

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Faizan asked 10 years ago

I recently bought a new flat, approximately 50 years old construction. One of the rooms had wallpaper which I took off with wallpaper stripper. But when I was taking off the wallpaper, some of the old paint (green) came off along with the paper. After I tried to scrape the paint and sand papered it to make the wall smoother. Then I applied the first coat of brilliant white silk emulsion, when it dried, I can still see the patches of old green paint through the new white paint. I applied second coat but still it didn’t solve the problem. Any suggestion please??

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MagicDave answered.

You needed to have applied a coat of Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer first… so go ahead and do that now… then top coat with your acrylic paint…

SEE my page on this: http://www.davmagic.com/paint/PAGES23.html