I have white dust falling from my ceiling.

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Theresa asked 10 years ago

My house was built in 1980. In just the bedroom ceiling I get a white dust that falls from the ceiling. I have called painters and friends. Some say it’s just because it been so long since its been painted and others say maybe I should re-plaster. But no one has proved to me why I should do either. And the painter says prime it and I wonder what does that mean. Isn’t there some kind of test to do to prove if its plaster breaking down or that I just need to paint. It’s been 10 years since its been painted. I just have never heard of if your ceiling has dust falling you need to paint it. But I also don’t know whats the problem and how to go about it. My fear is I pay someone 700 bucks to paint and it still has dust falling.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Most likely priming and painting will take care of the problem. "Prime it" refers to using a special coating, primer, to seal the surface and get it ready for painting. There are many types but a good interior acrylic primer will work well.

I don't know of a test to determine exactly what the dust is. You might be able to find a lab locally in the phone book. Most likely this testing will be expensive.

One easy test you can do is wipe the ceiling with a clean rag and warm water to see what comes off. A good cleaning might be needed before priming and doing this yourself would save you money and let you know just how much dust is on the ceiling.

If the rag is colored the same as the ceiling paint then it might be paint. If large areas come loose from the water then something else is going on and painting might not address this new development.