I have white dust falling from my ceiling.

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Theresa asked 7 years ago

My house was built in 1980. In just the bedroom ceiling I get a white dust that falls from the ceiling. I have called painters and friends. Some say it’s just because it been so long since its been painted and others say maybe I should re-plaster. But no one has proved to me why I should do either. And the painter says prime it and I wonder what does that mean. Isn’t there some kind of test to do to prove if its plaster breaking down or that I just need to paint. It’s been 10 years since its been painted. I just have never heard of if your ceiling has dust falling you need to paint it. But I also don’t know whats the problem and how to go about it. My fear is I pay someone 700 bucks to paint and it still has dust falling.

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