I sanded, Kilzed and painted 2 coats my cabinets and they keep scratching.

JENNIFER HAMILTON asked 4 years ago

Hello, we had a house fire so we had to refinish our built in wall cabinet. We completely sanded it down & over a 2 week period applied 2 coats of Kilz & 3 coats of latex satin finish Olympic paint from Lowes. We let it dry a few days between each coats because our house had moisture. Last coat I put a fan on & waited 3 days to put the drawers back in & shut the cabinet doors. I left everything open & off to ensure drying. Now EVERYTHING scratches it. From a bowl, to the buttons on my jeans barely touching it. I’ve had to retouch it up 2x. Plus it’s sticky! Any ideas on what I did wrong or advise I can do so I can touch it up once more & hopefully won’t scratch anymore. It’s been 3 weeks since last touch up. I called Olympic paint & they said it wasn’t cured but several people said that had nothing to do with it that it shouldn’t scratch that easy or be sticky. Please help!!!

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Crowder Painting answered.

Is it scratching off the paint and primer or just the paint? The problem could be the paint. Yes, it does take time for a full cure, 3-4 weeks total time, but after a couple of weeks the paint film should be well formed and take a little abuse. If the problem still persists I recommend repainting with a better paint.

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