I want to paint my room black with neon paint splatters over it, any suggestions?

Taylor L. Staff asked 4 years ago

I know I’m going to have to make sure the ceiling, windows, floor, and door are covered. And I’m going to have friends help me with a lot of it, so it wont be as much work as it would myself.

2 Answers
MagicDave Staff answered 7 years ago

Have fun…

crowderpainting Staff answered 7 years ago

The black paint will be easy enough to deal with but the splatters is another story. I suggest;

* Have some cardboard to experiment on before committing to the entire room.

* Use an eggshell or satin for the black paint.

* Try a squirt bottle with the neon paint. Maybe this will splatter it. If not you can try a stipple brush.