I would like to stain a checkerboard pattern on my heart pine floor. How can I make a straight line without the stain bleeding under tape?

Jeanne asked 4 years ago

My old kitchen floor was covered with 2 layers of vinyl. We stripped the old tar paper off using hot water and towels. Now I have bare heart pine. I would like to stain a diagonal checkerboard pattern using black stain on every other square, and then just clear polyurethane on the other squares.

I am not sure how to get straight lines as the stain will likely bleed into the dry bare wood. Any suggestions you might have would be a tremendous help!

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Crowder Painting answered.

You are correct; the stain will bleed into the unstained wood. But, I have an idea or two that might help.

After the floor is fully prepared make sure all dust is removed and apply 1 inch masking tape for the checker board pattern. Use regular masking tape instead of the blue tape.

The type of stain used can also affect how much it bleeds. Water based stains will bleed less but are a little harder to use.

Experiment on a piece of wood or plywood. Try different application techniques, use a brush then try a sponge applicator. Find out which one gives the best crisp line.

Something else to try is carefully applying a pre-stain conditioner. The stain will float on top of the wood a bit more with the conditioner. Now carefully apply the stain using the tape as a guide only.

Anonymous answered.

Frog Tape

Do an online search for Frog Tape.

Anonymous answered.

I used wood hardener before i applied the stain 🙂

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