Interior block walls

Mikehousepaintinginfo asked 1 year ago

I want to finish my interior basement walls.
I would like to not see the mortar joints, so I need something thick I think.
a paint store suggested Perma-Crete Pitt-Flex, but really didn’t have any information on its application.
The walls have been painted with a latex enamel semi-gloss paint.
Can this even be accomplished?

3 Answers
MagicDave answered.

The mortar joints will always be visible unless you take lots of time and Spackle them in …using Spackling and knowing how to do it… SEE my page on Spackling here:

MagicDave answered.

You could try a small test area using Texture Paint, which is a very thick type of paint and requires using a special wire type roller cover if you roll it on, (otherwise follow label directions)… It’s available at practically all paint supply stores

Crowder Painting answered.

2 more options;
1- Skim entire block wall with drywall mud. Make sure to prime first, nothing fancy just a basic acrylic primer. Skim the joints first, let dry, then the entire wall. Using a hawk and trowel is the easiest way.
2- Install firing strips and sheetrock. 

Drywall mud is the cheapest true fix. Just need mud and a lot of effort, 2 or more skim coats will be needed. A texture paint or any other “paint” won’t hide the joints completely.