Interior Paint Colors for Ranch Style House

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Our house is about 1,150 sq ft 3-bedroom with a small kitchen and larger living room. All have standard ceilings and nice crown moldings, except the living room has a slanted ceiling with no molding. I am looking for modern colors throughout the house. Any suggestions on colors and color combinations with the thought of selling in mind? Something pleasing that will go with my furnishings AND a possible new owner.

Also there are three steps off of the living to a landing access to the bedrooms. The landing and two of the bedrooms have one wall with nicer, but older wood paneling. Should I paint them?

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Anonymous answered.

If you house is of an older variety, you're probably better off going with less aggressive colors. Something in the off-white or light pastel range. If you live in a neighborhood that will be attractive to younger people, go for it. Paint a wall bamboo green with some brown tones elsewhere (like in the wood paneling you mentioned). Tastefully funky is an attractive thing to people my age (25). If the wood is in good shape and doesn't look like something you'd find in the residence of old people, leave it. Stain it? Without seeing it, that's tough.

Anonymous answered.

I like tans and darker blues together. They are two colors that seem to go together very well. Also creamy or off white colors are generally a good neutral choice. Tan or off white with various shades of brown is a safe color scheme to go with. Colors like Avocado are great with tan and off white shades as well. In a room you can paint 3 walls tan and have a blue, brown or green accent wall. These are also great colors that contrast well with wood trim and paneling. If the paneling is in good condition I would not paint it. Most wood paneling looks poor when painted. When painting all rooms in the house try to stay with a main color theme and add accent walls to break the colors up. Drastic four wall color changes from room to room seem weird and don't tie the house together well.