Interior Paint for home with Pine Floors/Ceiling and Exposed Brick

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

We just bought a home and have been struggling with choosing a new color for our great room (kitchen/dining/living room/walls going up the stairs/hallway/office with open glass french doors upstairs) in this unique home in the woods. The previous owners had a country style, hence the yellow paint they chose which is set against light pine floors, ceiling, and exposed brick. I, on the other hand, would not describe myself as country. My style is more a mix of earthy, contemporary, cozy, and sophisticated. I am leaning towards some type of tan (perhaps the color of the grout in the exposed brick?) or darker as I learned from the design shows I watch that there should be contrast. My leather furniture is brown with red tones in it which will remain in the living room. In addition, the office upstairs will need to be painted as well, and since it is viewable from downstairs, I was thinking a darker version of whatever is chosen for the great room area.

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I think a light tan/beige would go great with wood. It would blend in nicely with darker furniture yet would not take away from them. A darker tan would go wonderfully in the great room.

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It is a little hard to tell exactly how what you described would look in its final state, as the image included is a little washed in red. Based on my experience with woodland homes (I have a cabin in the mountains), a nice earthy tone goes quite nicely with wood floors and paneling, and your choice of tan would be a nice addition. In my primary home I have both a muted green/gray mix in some rooms, as well as a cool blue/gray blend in others along with wooden floors. The muted color mixed with gray is a nice contrast with the wood, and is in no way overpowering like yellow paint is.