Interior painting smell won't dissipate after one week!

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Steve asked 10 years ago

My landlord is renovating the suite next door and has painted the floor (plywood) with an exterior paint. He used this paint earlier on the floor ribbing and there was no problem. I was wondering if it was the volume or type of paint used or is it simply the temperature which is cool if not cold.

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Crowder Painting answered.

There is a combination of factors affecting how the paint cures and the smell it has. The main one is temperature. At cool or cold temperatures the paint needs more time to cure. Another factor is the type of paint used.

If the suites heating system could be turned up or on and set to a warm temp then the smell will start to dissipate faster. Plus windows can be cracked open during the day time to help get some fresh air into the room or rooms that have been painted.

Obviously oil based paints smell bad and will for a while, especially in cold closed rooms. Even latex paints can have a strong smell. This is very true for many exterior paints.

The best way to deal with any paint smell is lots of fresh air and warmer temperatures. Fans could also help with the curing, especially when combined with the above suggestions.

Anonymous answered.

Similar Problem

Hi There,

I have a similar issue, a contractor painted one wall in my son's room a dark red and due to colour issues ended up with about six coats on it. it still smells funny after two months and am wondering if a good primer sealer will mask it when he comes back to fix it up.


Crowder Painting answered.

I guess the painter is going to repaint this wall? A prime coat will seal up the wall and some smell but it will also add its own. You could aggressively ventilate the room with window fans for a week or two and see if this helps. Having multiple coats of paint is compounding the problem and everything needs to fully cure right down to the first coat.