Interior painting with semi gloss.

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Sam asked 9 years ago

I went to do touch up with semi gloss paint when I removed the tape (20 minutes later), the paint peeled right off along with the tape—a few spots are done to the drywall, any help would be great!!!! I’m thinking that I need to prime first, repaint with the semi gloss and remove tape immediately??

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well Sam
I first want to start with the fact that you should not "touch up" Semi Gloss it will "flash", you will see where you painted at different angles.

Now the wall: What kind of tape are you using? Painters tape or Masking tape should not do this to the wall. Now are you talking taping the baseboards if so just make sure you use a razor to cut the tape from the wall. If you are straight on the wall you should be able to just lightly peel it off. But all that you just learned so I will get to the solution. You will need to follow these steps.

1. Wipe away any debris.
2. Patch the areas that are opened.
3. Sand the Patches. Just smooth.
4. Prime spots with a Zinser 123 interior/exterior primer.
5. Paint with two coats, entire wall.
6. Peel tape slowly and stop the minute you see a problem and work from the other way. Use a razor blade along edge if needed.

Thank You
Adam Cavenagh