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Wayne Terrell asked 10 years ago

I have an interior wall in a bonus room that I just recently was textured (1-2 months ago). I asked the contractor who built our house if I should prime the walls before I paint. He told me that he just paints the walls without priming. So, I just rolled on the paint without priming and I ended up painting the walls with 5 different coats. The room has one window that faces the East and especially in the morning when the sunlight is shining through the window there are still noticeable splotches on the walls. The best that I can tell that it is real noticeable is when there is a slight shadow on a wall. It’s not as noticeable on all the walls. So, what should I do at this point? Do I have to start all over and eat what I have spent on paint so far and what I’ll spend? Could I mix primer and paint together and would that do any good anyway? It has been suggested to me to use one of those expensive wool rollers that will get in texturing, etc. Would that work? Would spraying it help any? Can you please help me out here?

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MagicDave answered.

Start over… prime everything with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… then finish coat with Sherwin Williams Classic-99 Latex… use conventional brush and roll… never spray… never ever mix primer with finish paint…