Interior wood trim & white door.

Judy asked 10 years ago

The walls are beige, the wood trim is light oak, the door is white. This is a kitchen/dining room. The white door is next to the white fridge. To me it looks unfinished. What color should I paint the door? Ideally to me the door should go with the trim not the wall. How can you match the trim when it’s wood, to a color of paint for the white door?

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

I would go with a shade of brown. This way it would match the wood. I would go with a lighter color. This way the door would stand out. I have heard that ones eyes travel to lighter colors before darker ones. This would keep separation between the walls.

Anonymous answered.

You have the option of sanding the door down and varnish it – painting it with a see-through paint – so as it matches in with the trim perfectly. Alternatively you could paint it a brown similar to that of the trim, but I'd say sand it to the wooden base and varnish it the same color.