Is it better to paint fascia with a flat paint or semi gloss?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Trim, Windows and DoorsIs it better to paint fascia with a flat paint or semi gloss?
Nancy asked 9 years ago

I just recently painted my new fascia with a satin finish paint that has some gloss to it. I was told that paint with a bit of shine to it holds up better under the sun.

With the dew and fog that we are having right now it is dripping wet every morning. I do not remember my old fascia doing this. It was painted with a flat paint.

I am worried that it will hold up OK if it gets so wet every morning.

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Crowder Painting answered.

A satin is a better choice than a flat for your exterior trim. I agree that having some sheen will hold up better than no sheen. The satin paint is more flexible than flat and sheds water better.

Will semi-gloss hold up better than satin? I think it will with dark colors. Semi-gloss is even more flexible and a bit more resistant to water and sunlight. Using semi-gloss will take more coats for perfect coverage. This alone could make a difference. (Two coats is always better than one no matter what sheen is used.)

Stick with what you have. If you used a good quality paint and applied two coats it is unlikely that you will have any issues in the near future.