Is it okay to stain a wood door when you have white trim?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Paint Colors-Trim, Windows, DoorsIs it okay to stain a wood door when you have white trim?
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

We are replacing our interior doors with solid pine wood doors, however, the door trim and case is being left as is (painted white), do I have to paint the doors white to match the trim or can I just put a wood stain that matches our hardwood floors?

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Anonymous answered.

It is perfectly fine to stain the door. When staining softwoods you may have to use a clear conditioner product first. Softwoods absorb a lot of stain and can end up looking blotchy and uneven. Also make sure to sand the door well before starting. I prefer a natural stain on the door to match the floor, some people may not. It is a matter of your preference.

Anonymous answered.

It would be best to strip and stain the door frames, so long as they're made of quality wood. However, if you have white walls then the white trim will match them and the overall effect will be fine.