Is there any trick to painting & re-taping on sand paint?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Painting QuestionsIs there any trick to painting & re-taping on sand paint?
Lynne asked 9 years ago

I have a ceiling that is white sand paint. I need to spackle and paint. Is there any tricks to painting and re-taping over sand paint?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The main trick to re-taping or accomplishing a major patch on a sand texture is removing the texture from the area before beginning. Scrape away as much of the texture as possible from around the damaged area. How much depends on the patch, typically 3 inches around the area to be patched.

The reason for the scraping is to allow room for the drywall tape and 2 coats of drywall mud without creating a large bump that will be very visible when re-textured and painted. Matching this type of texture can be challenging. If possible use the same type of sand paint used previously and apply in the same manner for the best match.