Is this too much to fix?

Marie asked 6 years ago

We recently had a painter come in to repaint our outdoor trim, front door and sidelights. We asked everything be matched to it current colors. Since we weren’t the original owners we didn’t know what color or paint the front door was painted with. The painter tried to match the color with a Sherwin Williams paint and painted one of the sidelights with it. It doesn’t match and looks awful. I tracked down the original owners and found out they stained the door with a gel stain. The painter is really balking at the idea of stripping the paint he did and restaining the door with the right material. Is it a lost cause and we have to resort to painting now? Which looks stupid on an embedded grain door:( My other thought is stripping the whole door so we start back from scratch so that everything matched again. What would you do and what is reasonable to ask the painter to do?

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