Is your suggestion of the Makita disc sander the best sander to use for siding?

Anonymous asked 5 years ago

We’re trying to repaint our 100 year old house this summer and keep struggling with our sander. We have a Porter-Cable random orbital sander that is a two year-old model, but has had very little previous use. If we try to sand for more than on hour or so (sporadically at that) the pad upon which we attach the sanding disks heats up and pulls off the screws. (It has a plastic base that burns a hole larger than the screw head through the base.) Replacement pads are $20 each and don’t last more than a couple of hours.

I’m very frustrated that we paid over $100 for this sander yet can’t get it to work reliably. I’m willing to pay good money for another sander because I really want to get this job done, but don’t want to throw my money away on another sander that can’t take the work load. Please make a suggestion or confirm your previous web site suggestion of the Makita.

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