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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I did some patch work on our bedroom walls prior to painting; then used Kilz interior acrylic (not oil based) to prime those spots. I didn’t read the fine print good enough….and I have now painted two coats of paint (with primer) on walls, and all the Kilz spots continue to show through. HELP!!! Will the spots ever cover??

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Crowder Painting answered.

It depends on what you are seeing. Are the spots smoother than the surrounding wall or is there a sheen difference? What is making the spots stand out?

When patching walls and ceilings you need to pay attention to the texture that is present. Even smooth walls have a texture left behind from rolling paint on the surface, roller cover stipple. If this is the case you can take a little drywall mud and mix it in with a little Kilz (acrylic only). This mixture can be rolled over the spots to give them some texture, roller stipple. This is best done with a mini-roller.

If the spots stand out from a sheen difference, shinier, then just give everything time to cure. This effect should diminish after a week or two.