Kilz Oil Base

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

We are trying to paint with high gloss enamel after using oil base Kilz. We have allowed two hours in between, it is very tacky. Not painting evenly on this smooth wood headboard – we have just one coat of paint on so far but its not pretty, flowing brush stroke as we think it should be. Any suggestions or ideas as to what we are doing wrong?

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Pearl Painters answered.

Is the primer still tacky or is it the paint?

Either way you likely need more dry time. Try increasing the heat and air flow in the room, a fan will help. Don't put heat directly on the drying paint as it will likely cause cracking. As well don't point the fan directly at the drying paint you will likely cause dust and debris to land in the fresh paint. Their are additives that can help paint dry faster, but unless you are spraying I would not advise this. Also if you are using a dark color or a bright color you will need additional drying time as their will be a large amount of machine colorant in the paint which is designed to not dry! Be patient some paints take a full 24 hours plus between coats depending on temp. humidity, thickness of each layer (its best to-do 3 thin coats than 1-2 heavy coats), # of coats that you have put on with out letting previous layers cure etc…

Hope this helps, Good Luck!