Kitchen Wall Colors

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

My kitchen is ripe currant red on one wall, I painted the other walls a white oak kind of an ivory color. Do you have any suggestions that might go better with the red?

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Anonymous answered.

In my experience, red is often best complemented with a color of the same hue. I would suggest using a color that is a tint or shade of red, such as maroon. Other colors that may work are peach or puce, though the ivory you already have would be comparable to those. Colors that you want to specifically avoid are green, purple, and blue, as those would clash terribly with the red. I myself have recently had my kitchen painted maroon-and-peach, so I have some experience here.

Anonymous answered.

Ripe currant red goes well with a creamy off-white, ivory can certainly work with it depending on the lighting of the room. If you feel that the colors aren't meshing well together then I'd suggest some dark or forest green trim or decor – since it's a kitchen you could do the cabinets in green.