Latex over oil!

Anonymous asked 9 years ago

We are working on a house that had latex applied over oil. The new owners want oil paint applied on all the interior trim, doors, mop boards, etc. The house is huge and to strip all the latex off is going to be extremely time consuming and expensive. Are there any alternatives to completely stripping all the latex? Also, should we be planning and budgeting for a primer coat before we top coat?

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well it might work to prime first but I dont think so. So you are stuck striping. On the other hand if they want it that bad you have to charge according to the work. But maybe sitting down and explaining that latex would be a cheaper way to go and that there is a lot of new latex paints out there that will hold up better then oil on most surfaces. That might save you. If not be happy at least you wont be sanding miles of base boards. lol

Thank You
Adam Cavenagh