Latex Solid Stain for Cedar Shingled House

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Elizabeth asked 10 years ago

I have bought latex solid stain for a cedar shingled house. One side of house was stained with latex stain many years ago. The other sides have raw weathered cedar shingles, never painted or stained.

My Big Question is:

I a have been advised to prime the unstained areas with an alkyd stain before applying the latex stain. But, the man who is doing the work will only be here for 4 days and says he will not have time to do that. I think the side which was already stained years ago will take the latex stain OK because it is dark grey over a cape cod light gray. But, what about the front and back of house? It has never been done.

Can it be painted with two coats of the latex stain? Or do I have to go out and buy more stain (oil based) for the primer coat. I don’t believe we did an oil based primer on the side that was stained, late in the 80’s, and it still looks OK.

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Crowder Painting answered.

You don't have to prime anything with a stain. Actually, using a alkyd stain prior to the latex will interfere with the latex stain and cause problems later.

The best way to deal with staining cedar siding is to wash it first with pressurized water, let it dry for a couple of days then apply the stain. Washing will remove dirt, dust, pollution and most of the old latex stain which is barley holding on after 20 years.

If you can't wash the house then just apply the latex stain. It is possible that the old stained side might look a little different on the first coat, but this will be taken care of with the second coat.

A better alternative to regular exterior latex stain is emulsified oil stain. It is a combination of alkyd and acrylic resins in a water base. Very good type of stain for Cedar.