Lining paper peeling away at the joints.

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Ann asked 10 years ago

I have been helping my daughter all weekend to line heavy duty lining paper on a bedroom wall, of an old house after she removed 4 layers of old paper and paint which left the walls looking a mess. However the lining paper, now we have painted it all, is starting to peel away at the joints and we can see all of the lines in the paper. We were careful not to overlap and in some places left a small space where walls ran out. How can we stick the paper back down to the wall as paste does not seem to be strong enough? And how can we then get rid of the joint lines?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The loose/peeling joints can be re-glued with seam glue. This should work well but could be difficult to keep the seams down while the glue dries. If this isn't working use a quick drying carpenters glue, you can also use something like super glue but either of these choices will never come off without causing damage to the wall.

To hide seams you will need some kind of spackle or patching compound. This could be applied over the seams (two coats), assuming they are flat to the wall, sanded then painted. If the seams are sticking up from the wall surface you will need to cut away this with a razor knife and then patch over.