Living room is too white.

najtak asked 9 years ago

My living room is too white and I’m trying to bring some color to the room but not sure what. My home has a contemporary look with low and wide white leather sofas. I also have a white rug. I have 6 small paintings next to each other and they are orange/red mix colors. Since the paintings are small, they did not have a dramatic effect.

I’m thinking to only paint one wall and keep the rest white. Can you help and tell me what to do so my living room doesn’t look like a hospital?

3 Answers
Craig answered.

If you plan on sticking with a contemporary look you might want to try neutral colors instead of bold or bright colors. Any color next to white walls will have a dramatic effect. Dramatic and bright colors can also be added to the room without painting such as throw pillows, painted pieces of furniture etc. Black is often used to ground and define a contemporary style room. Remember, the contemporary style focuses on the space rather than on individual things.

Anonymous answered.

When painting only one wall, it's best to put your furniture (couches, bed, tables, etc) against the wall with the darkest color. This breaks up the color a tad. Also, you'll want to spread color around the room. Adding an area rug, throw pillows and of course wall decor, will help to keep your eyes moving from area to another. Curtains are a must as well. I don't recommend keeping the walls white, but instead painting them a different neutral shade like something in the beige family. Your pictures should have frames that contrast nicely. Black is always a good choice. Another option is to add height to the room. You can do this by adding decorative items that cause you to look up. Something like a tall faux plant works nicely. The object is to keep your eyes from focusing on one place for too long.

Anonymous answered.

What you could do is paint the bottom portion of the walls one color and the top white so there is more color in the room. Otherwise an off-white color might be better than just shockingly white. Try to get rugs, blankets, paintings, etc. to put on the furniture/walls to make them less white. You could also try texture paint with the white to make it look more interesting.