Living Room Wall and Stair Wall Color

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I’m painting my living room a color and dining room another color. My problem is the living main wall leads straight upstairs. Should I paint it the color and take the color all the way up to hallway? The rest of hallway is white. Or should I paint that wall white to go with the hallway? Also, you can stand at the bottom of my steps and see upstairs but just that wall in question.

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Anonymous answered.

My parents had this very same issue. What they did was paint the living room wall one color all the way to where the wall of the steps began and then painted the wall after that with a different but very similar color so it blended together. It looks very nice that way.

Anonymous answered.

You should try multiple color in your dining room. you should paint main wall white. Then it will not look so different.