Low cost paints with low or no VOC in Toronto.

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Ruby asked 10 years ago

I know Benjamin Moore has a good line of low VOC paints. I have sensitivities to chemicals and would get a headache in a room that is freshly painted, no matter how well vented (windows/doors open).

I am looking to buy a new home and may have to paint the whole house. What is an economical choice, good quality paint, other than Benjamin Moore that also has low or no VOC in Toronto area?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Good high quality paint is economical. It might seen like a lot of money to buy a good low or no VOC paint, but using a paint of lesser value could cost more. Good paint covers and is easier to apply. Reducing the amount of paint needed and lowering the amount of labor needed.

Benjamin Moore make some very good paints and are worth using. All of the good paint manufactures have low VOC paints and many also have true no VOC products. Other brands that I like are Devoe, Porter, Kelly Moore and Pittsburgh.

If you are looking at 20-30 gallons of paint, consider talking to the sales rep or owner of the store. They might be willing to reduce the price a little for the sale.