Loxon for interior walls?

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Jeffrey Ham asked 7 years ago
  1. Paint store told me to use Loxon on my interior walls. Have old horsehair plaster walls that had wallpaper removed sanded and primed with oil based Coverstain. Then the walls were skimmed with joint compound and sanded again. Want to prime the compound with latex primer. Paint store guy said I should use Loxon. I cut in around the trim but haven’t rolled out the main part yet. Should I continue. Or stop and get different primer. I’m concerned that it’s not what I should be using.
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MagicDave answered.

Loxin is a Sherwin Williams Masonry Product, use a Pigmented Shellac Product for best results… Good Luck!

Crowder Painting answered.

Agree, Loxon is an exterior elastomeric coating and not a good choice for interior walls.  At this point a good primer and good interior paint is all that is needed.