Mansard roof color.

Cindy asked 10 years ago

I have a design project coming up and the homeowner is requesting paint choices for a mansard roof. I visualize a blackish brown by Benjamin Moore called night horizon – may not be dark enough and then blend down to a softer tone – but not cream or white. one thing i cannot do is make it look like a bomb shell. white or oatmeal / cream trim work and window, etc. but the rest needs some attention. any quick suggestions?

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Anonymous answered.

If the primary color is going to be in the brown range I would tone it down to where it is maybe 5-10 shades darker than the color of the exterior walls. To add separation and contrast I would paint the window trim and the roof trim in a slightly muted dark brown.

Anonymous answered.

Well, this may sound weird, but what would you think of an eggplant/magenta color. Not actually PURPLE, more dark,dark almost black (like eggplant) with a little magenta tinge to it. I'm not sure what you mean by "blend down to a softer tone" but I think you mean to get lighter as it gets closer to the house. So the eggplant(dark) could blend down to the magenta ( I know I'm using the wrong word when I say magenta — I'm trying to say a dark purple with some softer tones in it). Good luck —