Marks showing through after painting.

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Kathleen asked 6 years ago

My daughter wanted her nursery painted and couldn’t decide on a color. Her and her husband painted 3 1-foot squared on the wall of 3 different shades of pink. She chose the middle shade (not the darkest or lightest) which was a light pink. She was afraid the squares would show through so we painted over the squares and feathered out the edges with the original tan wall paint. The can said wait 4 hours to repaint. I started painting on the different wall and by the time we got to that wall is had been about 5 hours so we painted that wall. All the other walls looked great and we decided we wouldn’t have to do 2 coats. However, the wall with the sample squares did not seem to take the paint like the other walls. We kept seeing the old paint and therefore went over that area several times. The paint has dried now for 4 days and we can still see the squares where the samples were painted but not the feathered edges. It almost feels as if the sections between the square samples are raised. Should we just repaint that wall? Do we need to sand. What should we do?


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