Matching brick to other house colors?

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Jeff Gardner asked 10 years ago

We have chocolate brown siding with a white roof and white trimmed windows. We are replacing our exterior chimney and would like to know what color would be best. We also have green shutters and front door. We’re leaning towards white or a variegated gray, red, brown. Red’s not out of the question, but not sure how would go with the green shutters, etc. White and brown are predominant colors and the chimney we have now is painted white. We’re happy with the siding color, but wonder if a more neutral color would be better if we sell the house and someone else wanted to paint it a different color. White seems like it would go with about everything, and variegated would give a lot of choices.

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Anonymous answered.

Color of chimney could definitely be variegated grey or dark red. This is common color which will suite any exterior chimney.

Anonymous answered.

Paint the new brick. Either match the siding or accent. Dark green and chocolate color is a nice choice.