Mismatched stain results.

Alan asked 10 years ago

I made a white oak mantle (stained with Minwax golden oak). A month later built 2 side cabinets out of white oak stained with same can of Minwax. Mantle is a golden shade while the cabinets are not. Any fixes???

1 Answers
JT Creations, LLC answered.

A few concerns here. First question is, did you vigorously shake the can of stain prior to use and application? Did you stir for not less than 7 minutes the can of stain prior to use? If not, therein lies your discrepancy.

Did you varnish the two pieces with the same varnish? An alkyd or a polyurethane varnish will give the piece a much more amber look while a waterbourne varnish will leave a piece the original tone.

If you did not properly agitate or stir the stain, do so now and restain after sanding lightly. If the finish is different, you will need to apply a similar to finish to both items.