Moisture Damage – Peeling Texture

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centbrat asked 9 years ago

I had severe water and moisture damage a few years ago (it happened in January upstate NY). The textured ceiling began to crack and peel recently. Do you think it was because the ceiling was not properly repaired from all the moisture? (the water was running for 3 days while I was out of town)

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Crowder Painting answered.

It is likely that the original repair wasn't done properly or to the extent that it should have. As long as there isn't anymore leaks a repair should last a life time.

Running water for 3 days is a big mess that requires the affected ceiling and maybe adjacent walls to be opened (remove all drywall or plaster) allowed to dry, possibly replace some framing members and put back together. (The exact repair depends on the amount of water and the amount of damage.) If this wasn't done then I think the repair could have been mishandled.