Need help choosing new color for all brown house.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Paint Color QuestionsNeed help choosing new color for all brown house.
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Currently our ranch style house is all brown. This includes the wood siding, gutters, trim, roof and front door! We need to paint the siding only and need a different, stylish color. Suggestions?

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Anonymous answered.

I can recommend two colors. One is a forest green. It'll go with the brown really well and at the same distinguish itself as different. It's a very pretty color and goes with brown very well. It'll have that cabin the woods type feeling, if that is something you'd be going for or okay with. Another color would be a dark blue. It's also a pretty color and will stand out from a distance when you look at it.

Anonymous answered.

Brown is so boring! Try a lovely dark green. This has always been a favorite color of mine. I just love the earthy qualities dark green has. Also, the dark green will go really well with the preexisting brown color.