Need new exterior stain.

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Hi, my mother in law’s house has redwood siding with Olympic solid color Weatherscreen preservative oil stain. They don’t make this kind of solid oil stain anymore (illegal in NYS). What is the proper method to prepare the wood for painting with an acrylic based solid stain? Is it OK to use an acrylic?…Or the linseed/acrylic combo? What do you recommend and how should the wood properly be prepared? We’ve a bunch of different answers. Thank you!

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Crowder Painting answered.

The emulsified oil stain is a good choice, oil/acrylic mix. The ones I have used in the past have performed well, better than a straight acrylic stain.

Preparation is the same for any type of exterior house staining job.

1) Wash to get a clean surface and remove some or most of the old stain. The full extent of the washing depends on the condition of the old stain.

2) Allow a few days to fully dry. Very dry wood is very important. If you have or use a moisture meter you want 10% or less moisture.

3) Apply the stain liberally. You don't want to under apply the stain. Often 2 coats is a good idea.