Need recommended paints for cold weather painting, 30-40 degrees.

Jimmy Staff asked 4 years ago

I’m painting 1400 sq/ft of exterior and sure could use the names of some paint brands for super cold weather. The paint needs to adhere at temps between 30 and 40 degrees? Should I use chlorinated rubber?

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crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

The paint brands I like the most are Kelly-Moore, Benjamin Moor and Devoe. All three have "Low Temp" acrylic paints that can be applied down to 35 degrees. Below this temperature industrial enamels (oil base) can be used but they will still have a hard time curing below 30 degrees.

As for the chlorinated rubber paint, the only types that I know of are either; for swimming pools, marking paints for parking lots or as part of an industrial finishing system for chemical tanks. This type of paint wouldn't be appropriate for painting your home and would be very expensive.

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