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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

Hello to all my fellow Painting Friends.

OK so here is my thought, I am working on making a Materials check list, to make available to anyone who visits,

I have started making a list and thought what better way then to reach out to all of you. This builds the site community and can start a networking opportunity from within.

So here is what I am currently working on. I am making a list which will be converted into a PDF. Please list the materials you think are needed for any job. If Possible please try and separate between Interior and exterior. Also you don’t need to worry about adding in duplicates. Still put it down and I will be sure to remove duplicates. If all goes well I will have a draft drawn up within a few weeks and submit it to the website admin for approval 🙂 So please folks help me to help you with a nice clean and professional materials list.

Which will enable us to use when we are putting together “Our Shopping List” I can speak from experience, there have been many times I would go out and get all the materials to start a job and have forgotten to buy several items.. So while driving back to pick up the missing items. I am grumbling and cursing myself out, Cuz I cant blame anyone else, I am the only one. I can get back to the job and continue on.

I am a very precise and attention to detail is my main focus. So I follow the ” 7-(P’s)” Rule. “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”!

I will be checking this thread daily, for a week, to write down all of your ideas. I wish to thank you in advance and look forward to your posts.

Best Regards,

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