New Fiberglass Door

Anonymous asked 9 years ago

New construction, new front fiberglass door. Do I need to put any paint/primer before applying my gel stain? I am getting conflicts on application. Looks like I may have to do it myself, due to cost I have been quoted ($500.00 per door) Also, can I wait till spring to do this as the weather is pretty cold in N.M.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Priming or painting isn't needed before applying the gel stain to an embossed (wood grained) fiberglass door. All that is needed is a clean sound surface. Plus your door should already be a light tan color, perfect for staining over.

Depending on the door, and if it has sidelights, $500 isn't a bad price.

There shouldn't be any problems waiting until spring to stain the door(s). Just make sure to wash the door surfaces with a mild household cleaner and allow to dry before applying the gel stain.