New paint peeling off walls.

Joe asked 10 years ago

I painting my bedroom. I used painters tape around the bases etc. But once I take off the tape, my paint starts to peel off the walls. What do I do?

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evelien answered.

Autsch, that's awkward.
What kind of tape (or glue) is it? If you wetted the tape with water (like old fashioned stamps) to make it stick: do so to loosen it again too.
IF not: try moistening the tape with alcohol or another thinner (a few times, the solvent evaporates quickly), and see if that makes the tape come off by itself.

I've only done this with watercolor-tape (which is just paper and water-soluble glue), but if the tape is not totally waterproof I think it will work.

good luck, Evelien

Crowder Painting answered.

Cut the edge of the tape near the wall with a razor knife. This will stop it from peeling up the paint.

Anonymous answered.

If you remove the tape before the paint starts to cure, then it will come off clean–just be sure not to mess up the straight line you made as you peel it off. The higher the gloss, the more likely the tape will pull off paint if you let the paint dry too much before removing the tape.