New painted bathroom walls peeling.

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LInda Yeager asked 10 years ago

Painted bathroom with Valspur Kitchen and Bathroom enamel paint. Wiped down walls before painting and it was a couple of days before we started painting. Didn’t like first color of paint so went and got another color. Both colors of paints are peeling from bathroom walls. Last time walls were painted were about 5+ years ago and then used a kitchen and bathroom brand paint from either Lowes or Home Depot. Don’t remember and don’t have the can of paint any longer.

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Anonymous answered.

Possible causes; paint not well cured before exposing to steam from showering or it could be bad paint.

At this point allow the paint to fully cure, takes 2-4 weeks. After this time frame you will need to carefully remove the peeling paint by scraping and a little sanding then prime the areas, a good oil based primer will work.