No choice -Ext Paint cold/damp Seattle!

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George asked 10 years ago

Had a painter skip out on me and left patches of bare wood on the side of the garage and a few spots on the fascia on the that same side. Its cold and damp and raining off and on all the time now and I have to cover the exposed wood at least. What the best workflow. I don’t think I will see fully dried out wood till at least spring so taking into account all the known caveats about ext. painting; What’s the best way to protect these spots over the coming winter? I don’t much care about visual harmony at this point, I want to avoid as much wood damage as possible. Thanks

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Anonymous answered.

Nothing will truly stick to damp wood but you could use a shellac primer, the alcohol in the primer will help expel some water. Another idea is to use a deck sealer designed for damp wood. Cabot's has an acrylic deck sealer that says it will work on damp wood. Both of these ideas are only temporary.

Better results are possible if you can wait until better dryer weather. With dry wood you can prime and paint as normal.