Not sure of color combinations?

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Eileen asked 10 years ago

I have traditional living/dining room furniture. Colors in the sofa are hunter green, rust and very pale gold on cream background. The living/dining room is one large room divided by a ceiling beam. I wanted to paint the bottom hunter green and cream above the chair rail which goes around both rooms. My kitchen has a large opening above sink into dining room. I wanted to paint pale peach. Would this work?

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Anonymous answered.

Yes it will work as long you insure to keep the darker color on the bottom. There also should be some kind of a divider or breaking point to keep the two colors from actually touching. Make sure that the colors that you painting over get extremely well covered also. That will stop any distractions.

Anonymous answered.

I don't think that the hunter green would work. It's too dark and there would be too much contrast between the hunter green and cream. I think that the best color would be a pistachio green for the bottom and an ivory color above the chair rail. The pistachio green with ivory green would give better illumination as it reflects more light than the hunter green. The color also goes well with the furniture you have. Please include images. It would be easier to suggest a color combination.