Noticeable touch-up of recently painted wall.

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Tried touch-up of freshly painted wall and is highly noticeable – what can I do? Hallway/stairs was painted (applied by roller) a few days ago with Valspar Signature High Definition paint (eggshell finish). Needed to touch up a 1 ft area (wall patch was not fully sanded smooth and noticeable) so lightly sanded area, dry cleaned with cloth and repainted with mini roller using the left over paint. Now the patch area is highly noticeable with a glossy sheen when looking from either bottom or top of stairs.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Right now there is nothing you can do. But with time the shiny spots should tone down to match the rest of the wall. This is a difference between the older paint and the new paint which requires curing time.

Normally what you describe happens with dark or vibrant colors but could be a property of the Valspar paint. I never used this paint so my advice is a bit second hand. Give it 2-4 weeks for a full cure and see what happens. At this point you can try a light washing with clean water and soft cloth to help blend all areas. Contact Valspar before trying anything.