Oak cabinet doors delaminating.

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Jeff asked 10 years ago

I prepped the oak doors by sanding with orbital sander and primed with latex. The laminate is now bubbling. I will have to try and sand down and wood fill? Any other suggestions?

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MagicDave answered.

Apparently you have CHEAP Doors… solid slab oak would never do this… replace them with a higher quality door…

Crowder Painting answered.

You will have to remove whatever is bubbling/delaminating and fill with wood filler. Large areas can be reglued (maybe) by injecting glue then clamping but this is a major pain to do.

Make sure to prime the damaged area with a oil based primer (Zinsser Cover Stain) before filling.

Anonymous answered.

Thanks Magic Dave I'll remember to tell my customer they have CHEAP Doors that should solve the issue. Any other magic suggestions? I sanded and re-coated with an oil primer, used wood filler and wood glue and repaired to a acceptable level. Then I read Karl's answer which was similar to what i did, and yes what a major pain. Thanks Karl.