Oak to Black Stain

Debra asked 10 years ago

First coat of stain looked good with a couple streaks. Used fine steel wool then applied second coat. Looked better you can see the grain with little spots of streaks. Used steel wool again and added third coat..looks horrible. If I steel wool it more so it is really dull then add 4th coat will it look better or worse? Do I restrip and do it again? I am really getting discouraged and I don’t have money to buy new cabinets and I don’t want to paint them black.

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Using steel wool is a bad idea to try to "even out" the stain… you should have wiped the stain IMMEDIATELY with a clean dry cloth after applying it to give an even finish… Now all you can do is STRIP IT… using a Furniture Refinisher Product… and start over… Good Luck!