Off white trim and stark white trim?

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Painting bedroom trim off white. Do I paint the closet door and bedroom door off white? The hall side of the door and all the trim is stark white.

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Anonymous answered.

Well if it were me, first thing is to shut the all the doors and look around the room. Can you see the paint color that is in the hallway? I would paint the doors that are on the bedroom side the same color as the walls color in the bedroom. Which in my house that is not the same color as the trim. I would only paint the face of the doors though and not carry the paint over to the side of the door keep that the color that's in the hallway. The trim color should be somewhat different in color to accent the wall color. The reason for most dwelling either, for sale or rent, to always seem to paint one color straight thru the whole place is just that, selling purposes, its makes it easier for the buyer to imagine what the area might look like with their style and colors and its more cost efficient when there's only one color to use verses more than one. For designing; one thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to color remember that in a large area, such as a wall, less is more or a lighter color with a a bit more for the trim really off sets the two colors and will make the area seem bigger. More open. Hope this helps.

Anonymous answered.

The trim should match the doors, so both all the doors should match the trim. If you pain the doors a stark white, it will be a subtle but very noticeable difference.